Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ceritera Praktikum #2

Alkisah the pk1 introduced me as Cikgu Siti. But the name written on my nametag is Azanee. So I kinda confused which name to be used in class.

Teacher: U can call me Miss Azanee or Miss Siti.
Pupils: *Blurr faces*
Teacher : Ok, which one do you prefer? Miss Azanee or Miss Siti?
The whole class: Miss Siti~!
Monolog dalaman: Ok fine!


I went to observe teacher in a class

Teacher: What is reddish-brown?
Pupil X: Merah koko!
Pupil Y: Merah keperang perangan
Teacher: Yes, keperang-perangan. Bukan merah koko!

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